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10 Form 06.05.2020


1.  What social networks do you know?

What social networks do you use?

Why are social networks so popular with teenagers?

Why are parents often against their children using social networks?

Do you watch soap operas? What about your parents and grandparents?


2. Ex. 1b p. 276 Dave is a very sociable young man. He’s got a lot of friends on Facebook. He receives a great deal of messages every day. Look through his Facebook timeline. What problems has he got?


3. Ex. 1c p. 276 Dave writes an email to his best friend James who lives in another city now. What advice does he ask him for?


4. Look at the underlined verbs and the verb forms in bold and complete the rule.


Study the chart and check your guesses.

5. Do the exercise.


6. Ex. 3a p. 278 Write down the dialogue using introductory verbs from the chart above and send it to your teacher


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