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10 Form 15.05.2020


1.  What do you see in the picture? What might it be? Read the definition and try to guess.

“A public display of works of art or items of interest, held in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair” – what is it?

  • Do you often visit exhibitions?
  • What kind of exhibitions do you prefer? (art, books, animals…)
  • Do you read exhibition reviews in the press or on the Internet?


2. Ex. 2b p. 295 Read the article about Minsk International Book Fair and say:

  • What country did Theresa Suslov represent at the Minsk InternationalBook Fair?
  • What writers were chosen to represent the country and why?
  • Have you read any of these books?


3.  Pay attention to the words in bold. What do you remember about plural forms of nouns?

Study and revise the rule.


4. Do the exercise to practice plurals of nouns.


5.  Are you an exhibition goer? Why? What exhibitions do you prefer? Speak about the best exhibition you’ve been to and enjoyed greatly. Record your speech.


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