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10 Form 18.05.2020


1.  Ex. 1 p. 297

  • Do you usually follow the news either in the press or on the Internet?
  • Do you read newspapers and magazines? If yes, what is your favourite newspaper? What is your favourite magazine?
  • Do you watch TV programmes? If yes, what is your favourite?


2. Ex. 2 p. 297 Try to guess:

  • how many newspapers there are in Belarus;
  • how many magazines there are in Belarus;
  • how many of them are private;
  • what languages they are published in.


3. Listen to the recording. Check your guesses. Pay attention if the information is up-to-date. Compare the numbers with the latest ones.



4. Complete the following sentences.

  1. … newspapers and … magazines are published in Belarus.
  2. Printed press is available not only in Belarusian and Russian but also in…, …, … and … .
  3. The most influential newspapers include … and the … .


5. Ex. 3 p. 297 Read the text in your textbooks and answer the questions:

  1. How many news agencies operate in Belarus?
  2. What is the biggest news agency in the country?
  3. What are the major TV channels?
  4. When was the Belarus TV channel launched?
  5. Who is the Belarus TV channel available to?


6. Study the article on Mass media in Belarus.

Link 1


7. Do the task to check your understanding.


8. Create a presentation about Mass Media in Belarus and send it to your teacher.


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