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10 Form 20.04.2020



  1. Do you read all the articles in newspapers or just look through the headlines? Which of these articles would you read first? Why?
  2. Is it important to read newspapers? Why or why not?
  3. Is it interesting and exciting to learn what is going on in the world? Why or why not?
  4. Ex. 2a p. 238.

II. Copy the grid. Listen to the people and fill in your grid to answer the questions.

  1. What part of the newspaper do they read first? Why?
  2. What are their other preferences? Why?



III. Ex. 2b p. 239

  • Read the sentences and guess the meaning of the words in bold. Use the explanations below the sentences.
  • Listen to the recording again and match the phrases from Ex. 2b with the speakers.
  • What is the most popular news section?

IV. Practise phrasal verbs

V. Ex. 3a p. 239

Read and complete what people from all over the world say about reading newspapers. Use the active vocabulary of the lesson. What are the most popular sections?

VI. Write a brief article about your reading preferences for the world forum. What news are you most interested in? Make a photo of your article and send to your teacher.


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