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10 Form 20.05.2020


1.  What type of house do you live in?

What other types of houses can you find in the neighbouring area?
Do you think it is more comfortable to live in a block of flats or a detached house?


2. Ex. 2 p. 300

a) Read the text in your student’s book and answer the questions:

  • What kind of house does Thomas Warner live in?
  • What houses does he likemost and why?
  • What unexpected problems does Thomas have because he is not accustomed to living in a block of flats?


b) Find in the text or offer your own at least three reasons that blocks of flats are not only necessary in big cities but also comfortable to live in.


4. Look at the pictures and guess the meaning of the following words: cobblestoned, slanted ceiling, enclosed porch.


5. Listen to the text and arrange the pictures in the correct order.


Which plan corresponds to the text?


Listen to the text again and fill in the missing words.


6. Describe the rooms in Theresa’s apartment as close to the text as possible. Use the plan.


7. Compare your accommodation with either Thomas’s or Theresa’s. Find both similarities and differences.


8. Speak about your accommodation stressing typical features and showing what makes it different from other houses or apartments. Send a recording to your teacher.


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