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10 Form 22.04.2020


1. What do you see in the picture? How can all these types of communication be called?

2. Ex. 1a p. 247 Read the text and answer the questions. What is happening to the British press? Can you guess why?

3. Check your understanding of active vocabulary. Match the words in bold with their meanings:


4. Ex. 2a p. 248 Read and match the titles of magazines with their content description.

5. Ex. 2b p. 248 Listen and check your guesses. Which of the magazines would you choose for reading? Why?


6. Ex. 3 p. 249  Study the rule on the use of the articles with the names of newspapers and magazines.

7. Ex. 4 p. 249  What formats are the British newspapers? Complete the text. Use the words from the box.

8. Ex 5a p. 250  Listen to the text about radio in the UK and answer the questions.

  • What corporation dominates radio service in the UK?
  • How many languages is the BBC World service broadcast in?
  • How many national networks and local radio stations does the BBC operate?


9. Listen again and match the radio channels and their content.


Which channel would you prefer? Why?

10. Ex. 6a, p. 251  Listen to the text about television in the UK and complete the sentences.


11. Ex. 6b p. 251 Listen and match the channels and their content.


12. Complete the mind map on Mass Media of the UK. Make a story to tell your friend about Mass Media of Britain, make an audio recording and send it to your teacher.


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