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10 Form 24.04.2020


  • What is the idea of this cartoon? What form of mass media is becoming less popular nowadays?
  • Is the reduction in the number of newspapers that are printed around the world a sign of our digital times, or a sign of the loss of interest in the news by the modern generation? Why?
  • If your local paper stopped printing daily edition, what effect would this have on you, your family and the community as a whole? Why?
  • How do you feel about the fact that many newspapers are eliminating or cutting down on print editions?


1.  Ex 2 p. 255  Listen to the conversation with media editors and define its topic. Which of the questions below were not asked by readers?


  • Listen to the conversation again and match the problems with the right solution.

  • Listen to the last part of the interview and write down the problems of the modern print journalism. How is it possible to solve these problems?


2. Ex. 3 p. 256

Read the part of the interview about online newspapers. Copy and fill in the table.


3. Think over the questions in Ex. 4a p. 257.

Make an audio recording on the topic “The future of world mass media” and send it to your teacher.


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