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10 Form 29.04.2020


1.  Do you often share news with your friends?

Have you shared any news today?

What interesting news have you heard\read today?


2.  Ex. 2 p. 262-265

Look through the headlines of the articles below and choose one for reading and sharing.

Read the article you have chosen. Answer the questions.

How effective is the headline in summarizing the story and getting the reader’s attention?


Does it answer the questions:

  1. Who? (e. g. Who writes the article? Or Who is it about? Or Who is it addressed to?)
  2. What? (e. g. What is it about? What events does it describe? What problem is it dedicated to?)
  3. Where? (e. g. Where does the event take place? Where does the problem arise?)
  4. When? (e. g. When does the event take place? When does the problem arise?)
  5. Why? (e. g. Why does it happen?)
  6. How? (e. g. How can you evaluate the event? How can the problem be solved?)


3. Practice the vocabulary of the lesson.


Make a presentation of your story (Ex. 2 p. 262-265).


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