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10 Form 30.04.2020


1.  Describe a picture. What do you see in the picture? What is going on there?

  • How often and to whom do you write letters or postcards / write emails / text messages from your mobile phone?
  • How often and with whom do you chat on Internet forums and social networks?
  • What do your parents think about social networks?

2. Ex. 2 p. 266

Read a parent’s concern about his son. What worries him? Do you have the same problem?

Do you know how to mail a letter properly? Do you think a person living in the XXI century needs to know how to do it? Why or why not?


3. Ex. 3 p. 267 Read the two opinions on the art of letter writing. Do the authors think that letter writing is under the threat of extinction?


4. Match the words with their definitions.




5. Find in the text the nouns derived from the following words.


6. Read the following statements. Agree or disagree with them. Explain why.

  1. Current communications have become entirely digital.
  2. It’s much more convenient to respond to people’s emails than their letters.
  3. It’s easy to write content for a website.
  4. Shortcuts like cyl or b4 used on social networks and in text messages litter the language.
  5. Automated spell-checking capability forces you to focus on spelling correctly.
  6. Written letters strengthen relationships between people more than emails.
  7. Modern technologies will replace letter writing in the future.


7. Record the arguments in favour of letter writing and in favour of modern means of communication. What do you personally prefer?


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