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11 Form 04.05.2020


1.  Ex. 2a, b p. 305 – Listen to the song which is a list of 29 countries. Write them in the order you hear. Listen again until you get them all. What do all these countries have in common?


2. Ex. 3a p. 305 – Listen to the riddle. Which country from ex. 2a is it?


3. Choose a country from ex. 2a and make a riddle about it. Give as much information as you can.

Model: This country is an island in the Indian Ocean. It used to be called Ceylon. It lies to the east of the southern tip of India. The major religion in the country is Buddhism. Its capital is Colombo. The country is famous for tea which they grow on numerous tea plantations. (Sri Lanka)


4. Why the countries in ex. 2a might or must have become English-speaking? While answering, use the modals might / may / could / must


5. Ex. 4b p. 306 – listen and check your predictions about English-speaking countries. While listening, put the pictures in chronological order.


6. Match:


7. Fill in the gaps with the new words:


8. Ex. 5a pp. 308-309 – read about the achievements left by the British Empire in three former British colonies. Make a list of legacies for each country. Rank all the legacies from ex. 5a. Which, in your opinion, is the most important? Which is the least important?


9. Ex. 5c p. 309-310 – the same ideas can be expressed in many ways. Use the conjunctions moreover, since, however, in contrast, nevertheless, on the other hand, and, as a result, as well as, this is why, in fact, in other words, in addition, neither … nor, still to complete the sentences. Sometimes more than one conjunction can be used. Sometimes a conjunction is used more than once.


  1. The British Empire fell apart decades ago. Still we can see lots of its legacies. …, Britain has made a huge impact on the world.
  2. As a result of Britain’s presence, its former colonies adopted its language, system of measurement … even favourite sports. … , former British colonies were introduced to the British systems of government … law.
  3. Britain used to rule almost quarter of the world’s territory. … the Union Jack is a part of many national flags.
  4. The USA used to be a British colony like many other countries. …, the American flag doesn’t repeat the British flag’s pattern. …, both flags have the same colours: blue, white and red.
  5. Most British colonies have converted to the metric system of measurement. The USA, …, hasn’t. …, the United States are one out of three countries in the world that are still on the miles, feet, inches and gallons. …, Americans use Fahrenheit as a temperature scale.
  6. … Britain … most of its former colonies have switched to driving on the right side of the road like other countries.
  7. … the British played their favourite sports in the colonies, they eventually became popular with the locals.


10. Imagine you are a) an emperor, b) a citizen of the ruling country of an empire, c) a citizen of the country ruled by an empire, d) a ruler of a country ruled by an empire. Prepare a speech what you think about the past, present and future of your country / empire. Record it and send it to your teacher.


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