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11 Form 05.05.2020


1.  Ex. 1a,b,c, p. 310. One thing I know about South African … One thing I’d like to learn about South African …

1.  People 2.  History 3.  Geography
4.  Animals 5.  Places 6.  Traditions


2.  Ex. 2a,b, p. 310-312. Read the text in order to study some facts about South Africa. Remember as much as you can.

Answer the questions. Play the board game.


3. Ex. 2c, p. 313-316.

Text 1. National Symbols

Text 2. Sports
Text 3. Rich and Poor
Text 4. Peoples of South Africa and Their Languages


4. Make up the list of 10 facts that you have learnt from the text. Write and share. Record your speech and share it with your teacher/group.


5. Ex. 2e, p. 316. How many questions can you answer without looking into ex. 2c?

Make up the list of 10 questions of different types to interview a person from South Africa. Write and share.


6. For more information:


7. Practise your listening skills:

Link 1

Link 2


8. Practise your reading skills:

Link 3


Учебное пособие:


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