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11 Form 06.05.2020



1.  Look at the pictures. How would you entitle them? Where do you think they are taken?


2. Ex. 1a, p. 317. Which of the photographs couldn’t have been taken in South Africa?


3. Ex. 1b, p. 317. Listen to the song and put the pictures you hear in ex. 1a in order.


4. Ex. 2, p. 318. Choose the right options and work out the rule.


For more information:


5. Ex. 3a,b, p. 318 Listen to the song (ex. 1b) again and write down the questions you hear and answer the questions from ex. 3a.

Ex. 3c, p. 318. Answer the new questions. Record your speech and share it with your teacher/group.


6. Ex. 4b, p. 318. Read about the places in ex. 4a and match the pictures to the extracts.


7. Ex. 4c, p. 320. Are these statements true or false?


8. Ex. 4d, p. 320. Ask your partner five questions about the places in ex. 4b. Write and share.

Model. Would you rather visit a battlefield or participate in a spear throwing competition?


9. Ex. 5a, p. 321. Read the calendar of events for the South African year. Choose the month to travel to South Africa. Use the information in ex. 4b to plan your culture and history trip. You have enough money and two weeks of time. You arrive to Cape Town and leave from KwaZulu-Natal.


10. Ex. 5b, p. 322. Listen and match the audio clips to the calender of events in ex. 5a.

Model. Audio 1 – March.


11. Write an email to the tour guide you will have in South Africa. Explain what your plan is and ask for recommendations or / and clarifications.

Your friend is going to spend a fortnight travelling around South Africa. What places to visit ad activities to do can you recommend? Make up the list of 8 suggestions. Write and share.


12. For more information:


13. Practise your listening skills:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4


14. Practise your grammar:

Link 5


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