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11 Form 07.05.2020


1.  Ex.  1a, b p. 323 – close your eyes and listen to the song, partly in English, partly in another language. Imagine the place. What else can you picture in your mind? Can you think of a real place on Earth Aonua’s song might be about?



2. What do the words mean? How are they connected with New Zealand?

Wellington, Aotearoa, Maori, Pakeha, Kiwi, Tasman, Cook, William IV, canoe, tattoo


3. Ex. 2b p. 323 – listen to the radio programme about New Zealand and check your predictions about the words mentioned above. While listening, take notes to remember as many other details as you can.


4. Answer the questions about New Zealand with your friend.

Questions on geography

  1. Is New Zealand in the northern hemisphere?
  2. How far is New Zealand east of Australia?
  3. What should you take to New Zealand if you travel in summer?
  4. What is Gondwanaland?
  5. Why don’t New Zealand birds fly?

Questions on history

  1. Has New Zealand ever been a colony?
  2. When did Maori chiefs ask for protection from the King of England?
  3. What articles did the Treaty of Waitangi have?
  4. Why did they have conflicts and wars in New Zealand?
  5. How are the words Kiwi, Pakeha and Maori similar and different?

Questions on culture

  1. Is it possible for a tourist to see how Maori people used to live?
  2. What kind of dance is Haka?
  3. What languages are official in New Zealand?
  4. What is special about Ta Moko, Maori tattoo?
  5. Why do they have TV and radio channels in Maori?


5. Listen to the radio programme about New Zealand again and answer more questions

  1. How big is the population of New Zealand?
  2. What is the coldest month in New Zealand?
  3. What did Maori do when they arrived in New Zealand?
  4. What European country was the first explorer to see New Zealand from?
  5. Do Maori women wear tattoos?


6. Watch the video about New Zealand. What do you have to do & see once you arrive? When is it best to travel there? Which food & drinks do you definitely need to enjoy throughout your journey?


7. Imagine you’re to write a song about New Zealand. What instruments and sounds could you use to make your listeners feel fully what the country is like? Describe your song about New Zealand.


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