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1.  Look at the map and say what landscape features they don’t have in New Zealand.


2. Listen to another Aonua’s song and say which landscape features she mentions.


3. Ex. 1c pp. 325-326 – read the lyrics of the song and choose the right word for each gap. Then listen to the song again and check yourselves.


4. Do you agree? Express your opinion about the statements

  1. Aonua’s music is a blend of Polynesian instruments, vocals and native wildlife mixed with contemporary European sounds.
  2. Aonua’s music is energetic. It’s good for doing aerobics or jogging.
  3. Aonua’s music is spiritual. It might be good for relaxation and healing.
  4. Aonua always makes two versions of one song: one in Maori (to demonstrate its beauty), and another in English (so that listeners could understand its words).
  5. Aonua’s singer, Taisha, is definitely of British origin.


5. Ex. 2a pp. 326-327 – read the annotations to some New Zealand books and films. Match them to their covers, decide which book / film you would read / watch and why.


6. Can you think of a film which is hugely popular worldwide and has been shot in New Zealand? Use the words below as a clue. Which of the words are places? Which are characters?


7. Complete the epigraph to The Lord of the Rings. Use the words mentioned above. Read the plot summary and check yourselves.


8. Ex. 4a pp. 328-330 – these are a few of the 250 New Zealand places that have been used as film locations for The Lord of the Rings. Plan your trip to Middle Earth. Remember that you have enough money and two weeks in New Zealand.


9. Write an email to the tour guide in New Zealand. Explain what your plan is, and ask for recommendations.


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