11 Form 11.05.2020


1.  Ex. 1a p. 331 Look at the photos. Then, choose one frame and complete it to make a poem about India.


2. Ex. 2a p. 331 Read the brief description of India’s regions in ex. 2a pp. 331-333. Label the map: what regions do numbers 1-6 stand for?


3. Ex. 2b p. 333 Answer the questions about India

  1. How many geographical regions are there in India?
  2. Where are the mountains situated? What are they called?
  3. Why do many people visit the Himalayan North region?
  4. Why do many people visit the Plains of India?
  5. What is the official capital of India? In which region is it situated?
  6. What is the cultural capital of India? In which region is it situated?
  7. Which region is rich in temples?
  8. Which regions are great locations for holidays at the sea?
  9. Name three large cities of India. In which regions are they situated?
  10. In which regions do they have forests and reserves to see indigenous animals and plants?


4. Ex. 3b p. 333 Make a list of all adjectives that describe India. Group the adjectives according to their meaning

  1. Adjectives to describe natural places and features: rugged,..
  2. Adjectives to describe buildings and cities: colourful,..
  3. Adjectives to describe people and groups of people: adventurous,..
  4. Adjectives to describe other things: diverse, ..


5. Ex. 3c p. 334 Match the adjectives to their definitions:


6. Ex. 3d p. 334 Decide whether the statements are true or false. Correct the false ones.


7. Watch the video about Indian location and physical features and make a list of key facts:


8. Write for your social network page to invite your friends to go to India together. Use information from the video and the text about Indian regions.


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