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1.  What do the words mean? How are they related to each other?

Sanskrit, yogi / yogini, asana, meditation, mantra, breathing, ashram, guru


2. Ex. 1b, c p. 335 – listen to the introduction to yoga and answer the questions:

  1. How old is yoga?
  2. What does the word “yoga” mean?
  3. Is yoga a religion?
  4. Where can yoga followers practise yoga?
  5. What do the two main types of yoga emphasize?


3. Complete the tips for yoga beginners. Use the words from the beginning of the lesson


4. Answer the questions:

  1. Have you ever been in a yoga class? When? How did you get there? What did you think of it? What did you feel?
  2. Have you ever done meditation?
  3. Have you ever done breathing exercises?
  4. If you answered Yes to questions 1-3, would you recommend those practices to your friend? Why?
  5. If you answered No to questions 1-3, would you like to try any of those practices? Why?
  6. What style of yoga would you choose for yourself?
  7. Would you rather stay at an ashram or travel to another place in India?


5. Ex. 2b p. 337 – yoga asanas are sequences of slow and precise movements. Listen to the yoga teacher and number the pictures in ex. 2a, match the pictures with their descriptions. What is each pose called?


6. Choose one asana in ex. 2a and give instructions to do it. 

  1. Mountain Pose: stand, hang, breathe in and out, concentrate, stretch, look
  2. Chair Pose: stand, bring, bend, stretch out, breathe, look, focus
  3. Crescent Moon Pose: kneel, step forward, rest, raise, stretch, pull, raise, look, focus, breathe
  4. Side Stretch Pose: stand, breathe in, raise, place, breathe out, bend, hold, breathe, return
  5. Namaste: stand, bring, press, bow

7. Imagine you are a yoga teacher. Think over about your own asana and describe it. Share with the group.


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