11 Form 19.05.2020


1.  Look at the diagram ex. 1a p. 347. Complete the list with the names of languages.


2. Ex. 2a p. 348. Look at the photos. They represent children going to school in some countries. Guess which countries these are. What do you think about these children?


Which of the most widespread languages do you think is popular as a foreign language in China?


3. Ex. 3a p. 348 – Listen to the 1st part of the English Abroad radio programme.


Are the statements below true or false?

4. Ex. 4a p. 349 – Listen to the 2nd part of the programme. You will hear Jay Walker – a motivational speaker, who is making a presentation about the English language. Answer the questions.


Listen again. Complete the sentences repeated by the Chinese students in class:


5. Ex. 5 p. 349 Compare the situation in China with the situation in your own country. Use the questions for help.


6. Watch the video about speaking English faster and more naturally with connected speech:

What specific features is the speaker talking about? Think about your own ideas to speak perfect English and share it with your group.


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