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11 Form 21.04.2020


1.  Ex. 1a,b,c, p. 277-278.

2.  Ex. 2a,b,c, p. 278-279.

3.  Ex 4 a,b, p. 279-280. Read the Internet post headlines and guess what the posts could be about. Choose ONE and report. Use modals of deduction and speculations in your statements. 

Model: The post “Ohio hospital can force chemo on Amish girl” must be about the Amish group of people not wanting chemo therapy for a girl from their community who has cancer. I know that the Amish people are very religious and they don’t use almost any modern technologies. If the community insist on no chemo for the girl, she might die without the treatment she needs.


4. Ex. 5a, p280. Make up the list of speculations about the American food listed below.

E.g. “It is a kind of chips” or “It could be a dessert” or “It must have originated in Italy” or “It can’t have originated in the US, it’s like Indian food”.

Take notes of how many points you “bet” for each statement.

5. Ex. 5b, p281. Listen and see how many points you earned in ex. 5a. Keep the points if your statement was true, and subtract the points if it was wrong.

6. Make up a list of 8-10 questions to learn more about the American diversity. Take a photo of the answer and share it with your teacher/group.

7. Answer the question “Why do people call the USA the land of diversity?” Record your speech (2min) and share with your teacher/group.

8. For more information:

American national character

Modals of deduction and speculation



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