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11 Form 21.05.2020


1.  Why are you studying English? How important is English for you in your job or future?


2. Ex. 1 p. 354 Put the words in the right order to read thequote from Frank Smith, a famous psycholinguist.  Explain the meaning of the quote. What is the knowledge of a foreign language compared with? Do you agree with Frank Smith?


3. Ex. 2 p. 354 Read the information below. What does it tell you about the roleof English in a career?  Can you give other examples to prove the importance of learning English for career development?


4. Ex. 3b, 4a p. 355 – listen to the radio programme on the role of English in career development. Note down the advantages and benefits of learning English. Complete the sentences below.



5. Look through the sentences in ex. 3b. Answer the questions.


6.  Ex. 5a p. 355 Look through the expressions. Make sure you understand their meaning. Put them into four groups depending on what they are related to.


science and research


all the above


7.  Ex. 5a p. 356 Give advice making use of Conditionals and the expressions mentioned above. Choose between ‘if’ and ‘unless’. Follow the example below.
Model: to communicate with business partners – If you want tocommunicate with your foreign business partners easily, you should learn English at a good level.

Use as many expressions from the table as you can to speak about

  • the importance of English in your education;
  • the role of English in achieving success in science;
  • the significance of English in career development;
  • the influence of English on all the three spheres: education, science and research and business.


8. Watch the video about the benefits of a bilingual brain.  Mia Nacamulli details the three types of bilingual brains and shows how knowing more than one language keeps your brain healthy, complex and actively engaged.


9. Ex. 6a pp. 356-357 – translate Alan Walker’s words into your language.

What is the knowledge of English / learning English compared with?
What are your career plans and the role of English in achieving your personal goals?


10. 1.5 billion people are speaking English today. Across the world, English is the default choice of countries and major industries. You might even be surprised some of the countries that become more accessible to you just for learning the language. The benefits of learning English are immense and vast. Read the article about some fantastic benefits you could acquire from learning English. Some might even surprise you!

Link 1


11. Write an essay on the topic ‘Advantages and benefits of learning English’. Share with your teacher.


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