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11 Form 22.05.2020


1.  Watch the video about the reasons why English became the international language. Do you agree with the author? What are your ideas?

2. Ex. 1 p. 358 Try and do the quiz. (Answer the questions)


3. Ex. 2a p. 358 Read the extract below. Can you explain the connection between the growth of English and the course of politics and history?


4.  Ex. 2b pp. 358-361 – read the texts about colonialism, lingua franca, rise of the USA, soft power, science, technology and more. Answer the questions below

  1. Why didn’t Dutch, German, French or Spanish become the lingua franca after French?
  2. Why is English the language of international trade?
  3. What does ‘soft power’ mean?
  4. Do you think English will remain number one?


5. Ex. 3 p. 361 Read the paragraph. Do you agree with its main idea?

6. Ex. 4 p. 362 Read the statements. 

  • What kind of sentences are they?
  • How many clauses are there in each sentence?
  • In each case, is the situation real or unreal?
  • What tenses are used in the if-clauses?
  • Whattenses are used in the main clauses?
  • Which sentence illustrates the pattern: past condition + present result?
  • What arethe patterns for the other two sentences?


7. For more practice try:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3


8. Look through the article about the role of English as a global language:

Link 4

Make up the list of key statements which can approve its role in our world.


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