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11 Form 25.04.2020


1.  Look at the picture. How would you entitle it? What three freedoms do you think Americans enjoy: freedom of street fighting, freedom of the press, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of speech?


2. Ex 1b,c, p. 295. Listen and check. Listen again and fill in the gaps.


3. Ex 2a, p. 295 What do the words in bold mean in the text?



4. Ex 2b, p. 296. Are the sentences true or false?


5. Ex. 3a, p. 296. Many Americans have made their mark on U.S. history. Say two facts about each person.


6. Ex. 3b, p. 296. The people in ex. 3a were also great speakers. Match the parts of quotes they once said.


7. Ex. 3c, p. 297. Whose name in ex. 3a is extra? Who’s the man? Why is he famous?


8. Ex 4a,b,c, p. 297. Listen to a speech from the fi lm The Newsroom. What title goes better with it? Listen again and say what these numbers stand for in the speech. Listen again and make a list of positive and negative things journalist 3 mentions.


9. If you were American leaders, what would you change to make America the greatest country again? Choose three problems and be ready to offer possible solutions to them. Record your speech share it with your teacher/group.


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