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6 Form 21.04.2020


1.  Rank genres (kinds) of books from the most interesting (10) for you to the least interesting(1).

2. Ex.1 p.129

3. Listening 4. Ex.2a p.129 (if you don’t know some of the words consult a dictionary or google, put the new words into your vocabulary).


4. Ex.2b p.130 Answer the questions orally.

III. Moving exercise.

  • Stand up
  • Stretch your arms and legs
  • Touch your toes
  • Go around your house or flat and touch different objects of the rainbow colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, purple)
  • Go back to your desk.

5. Reading

6. Ex.3a, b, c p.130 – 132

7. To speak about books you like/dislike use positive or negative characteristics. Practise:

8. Speaking. What book would you recommend your friend to read? Why? Share with the group.

9. Ex.1-3 p.84 – 85 WB

10. Recommend a book to read. Ex. 5 p. 132 Write the blurbs for the book. (use ex.3b as an example). Send to your teacher.

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