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4 Form 12.05.2020


1.  Ex. 1 p. 115 – listen to the words, read them and sentences.


2. Ex. 2a pp. 115-116 – look at the pictures, read and guess the words (обращаем внимание на транскрипцию слов)


3. Ex. 2b pp. 116-118 – listen the story about Mr Greedy. Read it and answer: why is his name Mr Greedy?


4. Ex. 2c p. 119 – Complete the sentences using the words in bold from the story (используем только слова, выделенные жирным шрифтом в тексте)

Model: Mr Greedy eats because he’s hungry.


5. What does Mr Greedy do wrong before he meets the giant? (что главный герой делал неправильно до встречи с великаном) Write the answer in your exercise book (ответ записать в тетради). Take a photo and send it to your teacher.


6. Watch the video about Mr Greedy and enjoy it!



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