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4 Form 13.05.2020


1.  Ex. 1a,b pp. 119-120 – study and listen to the new words, read the transcription.



3. Ex. 3a pp. 120-121 – Mike and Liz come to Twinky’s house. Listen and answer: when is Twinky’s birthday? What is a birthday?


4. Ex. 3b p. 121 – true or false?


5. Ex. 4 p. 122 – make up a dialogue with your friend/classmate


  • A: How old are you?
  • B: I’m nine years old. And you?
  • A: I’m nine years old, too.
  • B: When is your birthday?
  • A: My birthday is on the fifteenth of July. When is your birthday?
  • B: It’s on the twenty-second of February.
  • A: You’re older than me!


6. Ex. 5a p. 122 – read the invitation (приглашение) to Twinky’s party and answer the questions

  1. What date is the party?
  2. What time is the party?
  3. Is the party in the morning or in the afternoon?
  4. Where is the party?


7. Ex. 5b p. 122 – Make an invitation to your birthday party (Сделай  приглашение на свой день рождения).  Take a photo and send it to your teacher.


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