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4 Form 19.05.2020


1. Do you like parties?


2. Ex. 1a,b pp. 123-124 – study the new words, read the transcription.


3. Ex. 2 p. 124 – answer the questions about your family holidays. Use the Help box and new words

  1. What family holidays do you celebrate (праздновать)?
  2. Who do you celebrate them with?
  3. How do you celebrate them?
  4. What do you say to your family?
  5. What holidays do you both celebrate?
  6. What is your favourite holiday (праздник)?


4. Ex. 3 pp. 124-125 – match (соотнести) two parts of the sentences, then answer: what does Mike do on his birthday?

5. Ex. 4a p. 125 – complete the questions with is, do, does



6. Ex. 4e p. 126 – write about your or your classmate’s birthday (описать свой день рождения или день рождения друга). Take a photo and send it to your teacher.


7. Watch the video about the traditional birthday song:


8. Workbook pp. 86-87


Учебное пособие:




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