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5 Form 07.05.2020


1.  Ex. 1 p. 102 A lot of people like travelling. Use the words to explain why they enjoy it.

Enjoy the song to get new ideas:


2. Ex. 2a p. 102 Kate reads pages of a “Travel Far and Wide“ magazine. Listen, read and match the entries to the pictures.


3. Ex. 2b p. 104 What do the words in bold and italics mean?



4. Ex. 2c p. 104 Which kind of travelling (ex. 2a) is exciting (relaxing, adventurous, dangerous, enjoyable, educational)? Use the Help Box


5. Ex. 3 p. 104 Listen to Alex and say what his favourite travel option is. How does he explain it?


6. Ex. 6 p. 104  Write answers to the following questions in your diary.

  • Where do you usually travel?
  • What travel option do you choose for the coming summer?
  • What travelling do you dream about?

Make a recording of your speech and send it to your teacher.


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