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5 Form 12.05.2020


1.  Ex. 4a p. 109. Kate paid one pound and asked the fortunetelling machine questions about travelling in the future. Listen, read and answer, using one sentence.  What did Kate ask about?


2.  Ex. 4b p. 109. Look at the verbs in bold and say what they mean, how they are formed and why they are used. Sudy the chart:


3. Watch a video about Future Simple:


4. Practise:


5. Ex. 5 p. 109. You’re on the island. What will you do?

Example: A: Will you eat snakes?

B: Yes, I will. / No, I wont. And you?


6. Ex. 6a,b p. 109. What do you think you and your family will do in summer? Where will you travel?

Example: I think Ill play a lot of football with my friends in summer. My family will go to the seaside.


7. Write 6–8 sentences about your nearing summer. Take a photo and send it to your teacher.


Учебное пособие:



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