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5 Form 18.05.2020


1. Do you always follow safety rules while travelling?


2.   Ex. 1a p. 118 Before Kate’s trip to Belarus Mum gave her some safety rules and tips. Read and answer: Which of the tips will Kate follow 100 %? Which of the tips leave her choice? Why?

3.   Ex. 1b p. 119  Read again and explain why the verbs are used. Which sentences are tips and which are rules?


4.   Ex. 2a p. 119  Read the key words for safety tips and rules. Use them to make up safety tips and rules with should / shouldn’t, must / mustn’t. Which tips and rules do the pictures illustrate?

Listen and check.


5. Ex. 2c p. 120 Read the consequences of the wrong behaviour2 and match them with the tips and rules:


6. Write 6–8 safety tips for travellers in Belarus. Take a photo and send it to your teacher.


7. For more information:


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