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5 Form 19.05.2020


1.  Have you ever been abroad? Where have you been?


2. Ex. 1 p. 121  Jane, Kate’s cousin, travelled to many countries last summer. Read the pages from Jane’s diary and match them to the pictures.


3. Ex. 2 p. 123 True or false:


4. Ex. 3 p. 124 Choose the correct answer:


5. Ex. 4 p. 124 Choose in which country …:


6. Ex. 7a p. 124  Why do people keep diaries? What’s special about keeping diaries? Which grammar and vocabulary should we use when we write in diaries?


7. Ex. 7b p. 125 Write a diary of one of your trips: describe one day in detail or write about the most important events of 2–3 days. Take a photo and send it to your teacher. 


8. For more information:


Учебное пособие:


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