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5 Form 20.04.2020


1.  Ex. 1 Look at the world map. How many continents are there?

Listen to the ‘Continent’ rap, check yourselves and repeat.


2. Ex.2a Listen and repeat. Do all people think there are seven continents?


3. Watch the following video to practise your vocabulary


4. Ex. 3a p.71 Find the countries on the map. Match the countries and the continents.

Example: Belarus is in Europe.

5. Ex. 4 p.71  Complete the sentences. Запишите на диктофон и вышлите запись учителю /Record your speech and send your audio file to your teacher.

6.  Ex. 5a p.72 Making adjectives for languages, nationalities, etc

Learn the Rule

Example:   India + an = Indian

Example:  _ Italy. But the USA

7.  Workbook Ex. 2a, ex. 2b

Write in your workbooks, take a photo of pages 68 – 69 and send your photo to your teacher.

8. Ex. 5b Make up your questions and answer them


  • Did you see an American film last weekend?
  • No, I didn’t. I didn’t see an American film last weekend. /
  • Yes, I did. I saw an American film last weekend.

9.  Quiz!


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