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5 Form 20.05.2020


1.  Do you like adventure? Is adventure important in your life? Why?


2.  Ex. 1 p. 125 Read the information about the famous modern traveller. How do you imagine this person, his character, his lifestyle?


3.  Ex. 2a p. 125  Listen to the article about Jason Lewis and answer the questions.


4.  Ex. 2b p. 126 Listen again and read along the article and decide what the most difficult part of the expedition was. Why do you think so?


5.  Ex. 2c p. 128 Describe his route.


6. Watch a video about Jason Lewis:


7.  Ex. 5a,b p. 128 How can you describe Jason Lewis? How can you describe Jason Lewis’s expedition? Would you like to follow in Jason Lewis’s footsteps? Use the ideas from the Help Boxes.


8. Ex. 5c p. 129   Write your thoughts about Jason Lewis and his expedition round the world. Take a photo and send it to your teacher.


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