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5 Form 22.04.2020


1.  Ex. 1a p. 77 Study the picture dictionary.

2. Watch the videos below:

3. Practice:

4. Workbook Ex. 1 p. 73

5. Ex. 2a p.78  Listen and guess the animal.


6. Ex. 2b p.78  Study the information about adverbs in the box.

7. Watch the video:

8. Ex. 2c p.79 Ask and answer the questions. Remember to use full sentences. Try to explain why you think so (They are … because …)

9. Ex. 4a p.79 What do you know about rhinos? Make your sentences.

10. Ex. 4b p.79  Listen and check your guesses:


11. Workbook Ex. 3a and 3b pp. 74 – 75

12. Choose one animal from ex. 1a p.77 and make up a story about it. Record your story and send your audio file to the teacher


Учебное пособие:


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