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5 Form 22.05.2020


1.  What was your best trip?


2.  Ex. 1 p. 132 Alex reads a book about Charles Darwin, a famous English naturalist who lived in the 19th century and travelled around the world. Look at the map of his circumnavigation and say what countries and continents he travelled to, what seas and oceans he travelled by.

For more information visit:

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3. Ex. 2 p. 132   Look at the pictures (in ex. 3b) and say everything you can about the travelling: who travelled and why, where they travelled, what transport they used.


4. Ex. 3a p. 133  Listen to the play and check your guesses. Answer the questions.


5. Ex. 3b p. 133  Work in pairs. Listen to part I, then parts II and III of the play and do the tasks.

Part I


Part II


Part III


6. Ex. 6 p. 136  Discuss the questions in pairs and then with the whole class: What is true? What is not true in the story? Would you join a journey like that?


We wish you to enjoy every moment of your summer:)

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