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5 Form 25.04.2020


1.  Ex.1. p.86. Look at the photos in your student’s book and answer the questions

2. Ex. 2a. pp. 86 – 88. Read about different festivals for children and watch the videos about them.


Holi Festival 


St Lucia


Trung Thu


Cocuk Bayrami




Kodomo no Hi


3. Ex. 2c. p. 88.  When are these festivals celebrated?


4. Ex. 4b p.89 Describe the pictures using the information from the text and the videos.


5. Ex. 6a Answer the questions about Kupalle. Listen to the recording and check your ideas.


6. Ex. 2 p.80 (WB) Complete the letter with the words in the box.


7.  Use the material of the lesson and make up a story about Kupalle for your English-speaking friend. 

Make a recording and send it to your teacher.


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