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5 Form 29.04.2020


1.  Ex. 1, p.90 Listen to Kate. Say where her things are from.


Find three “things connections” at home, write in your copybook where they are from.


2. Ex. 2, p.90 Listen to Kate speaking about “people connectors”, note down the countries she mentions.


3. Ex. 3, p.83 (WB)  Read about “people connectors”, use the correct articles.

Speak about your 3 “people connectors” in your life. Use example from ex. 2b, p.90


Watch the trailer for the book and guess what it is about.




4. Ex. 6a, p. 91  Listen to the extract from the book and find the country which is not mentioned.  


5. Ex. 6d, p. 92  What is happening at the same time in Belarus? Make up a story.


6. Make up a story on the topic “It’s a small world”. Record your story and send it to your teacher.


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