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5 Form 30.04.2020


1.  Ex. 1, p.92 Look at the globe and answer the questions


2. Ex. 1, p.83 (WB)

Complete the questions with auxiliary verbs (is, are, do, can).

Choose any country and answer these questions about the country you have chosen.


3. Ex. 2, p.84 (WB)

Use the adjective in the box to make an adverb. Example: quick – quickly

Use the adverbs to complete the sentences (Ex. 2, p.84 (WB))


4. Listen to the geography chant (Ex. 2a, p.93)


5. Ex. 2b, p.94


6. Do ex. 3a and 3b from your WB


7. Ex.5, p.95 Listen to the chant and repeat after speaker (Ex.2). Make a recording of a chant and send it to your teacher.


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