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6 Form 04.05.2020


1.  Tips do develop listening skills:

  • One minute a day is all you need to improve your listening skills.
  • Focus on new words, grammar and pronunciation in this short text.
  • Doing the online activities, discussion, and writing will help.
  • Listen many times – enough for you to you understand everything.


2. Listen to the text. Fill in the gaps with the missing words (from one to three words in each gap).


Don’t you think books 1. ______________________ thing in the world? I can’t remember a time in my life when I 2. ___________ reading a book. 3. ______________________ memories of being in my school library when I was about five years old. I have been a bit of a 4. _________________  since then. You’ll usually see me 5. ______________________ buried in a book. I 6. ______________________ of books. 7. _______________ are great to know other worlds and cultures. A good book is one where you never want the 8. ______________________ . I also like 9. ___________________ because I think it’s interesting to read about people’s lives. 10. _________________ are cool too – you can learn everything about everything in these. I still 11. ______________________  books to the Internet. Books need to be in your hand and 12. ______________________ .


3. Enjoy a story and do the task 


What is the moral of the story?


4. Write ten GOOD questions about books. Send to your teacher or share with the group.


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