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6 Form 14.05.2020


1.  Answer the questions:

  • How do you usually spend your weekends?
  • What did you do last weekend?
  • Do you prefer reading books or watching films?
  • When did you last see a film? What film was it?
  • How did you choose it? (your friend/parents recommended it, you read about it on the Internet, it was on at the cinema).


2. Ex.2a, b p. 170 Check:



3. Ex. 2c d p.172 Are these characteristics about films or books?


4. Recommend a film to watch or a book to read. Use 3a p. 172 as a plan. Speak about the name of the book/film; the kind of the book/film; the plot and why you recommend it. Record as a voice message and share with the group.


5. Ex.1-3 p.110 – 112 WB


Учебное пособие:


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