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6 Form 20.04.2020


1. What comes to your mind when you look at the picture? What associations with the picture do you have?


2.Why do people read? Complete the spidergram. Write on a sheet of paper, take a picture and share with the group (send).

3. New vocabulary

Ex.1p.125 Read the poster and answer the questions (orally)

4. Listening Ex.2a p. 126

  1. First look through the vocabulary, consult a dictionary or google if you don’t know some of the words, put the new words into your vocabulary.
  2. What books do you think Sam, Kate and her little brother like? Why? Guess.
  3. Listen to the text and answer the question: Which floor are they going first?


     4. 2b, c, d p. 127 (do the exercises orally).

  Moving exercise

  1. Stand up
  2. Stretch your arms and legs.
  3. Go to the bookshelf and take your favourite book.
  4. Go back to your desk.


5. Ex. 3a p. 127. Speak about the books in the pictures. Answer all the questions

6. Ex.4 p.128 Do the tasks orally.

7. Homework

Ex.1-3 p.83 – 84 WB

Make a list of 5 books (your favourite books or books you want to read). You can use English/Russian/Belarusian books). Write the title, the author of the books and what kinds of books they are. Share with the group (send your lists to the group chat).

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