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6 Form 20.05.2020


1.  Have you seen Beauty and the Beast? What kind of film is it? Did you like it?


2. Listen to the press conference with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Ex. 2a, b p.180 -182


What or who are these characteristics about?


3. Asking questions. Check how well you remember how to ask questions:



Yes/No questions and Or-questions:



4. Ex. 2 d, e p.182 Make sentences about Emma Watson and Dan Stevens with the words from the box.  What new things have you learnt from the interview?


5. Interviewing a Favourite Actor/ Actress. Ex.3 p.182. Prepare 10 good questions to interview your favourite actor/actress. Try to make different types of questions (Yes/no questions, Or-questions, Wh-questions, Tag-questions). Write your questions and send to the teacher or record them as a voice message and share with the group.


Учебное пособие:


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