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6 Form 21.05.2020


1.  Answer the questions:

  • What countries produce more films than others?
  • What famous film-making studios do you know?
  • What films made by these studios do you know/watch/like?
  • What films is Belarusian cinema famous for?
  • What Belarusian films have you watched? Did you like them? Why/Why not?


2. Listening. Ex.1a, b, c p. 183. Read the words and guess what kind of the films Alex’s classmates recommend to Kate. Listen and check your guesses.


3. Ex. 2 c p. 184. Make up questions. Write them down. Listen again and answer the questions.


4. Speaking. Ex. 3 p. a, b 185. Practise to use so/ such/ such a/an.

For more practice:



5. Recommend a Belarusian film to your friends. Choose from the film discussed in the lesson or the film you watched and liked. Make a story/audio/video or a presentation. Share your recommendations.


6. Ex. 1 – 3 p.118 – 119 WB


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