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6 Form 22.04.2020


1.  Do you know these writers?

2. Reading Ex.1 p.133 Answer the questions orally.

3. Ex.2a, b p.133–134. Listen and check.

4. Moving exercise.

  • Stand up
  • Stretch your arms and legs
  • Go around your house or flat and take pictures of different objects starting with the letters of the word READING (R, E, A, D, I, N, G). Share some with the group.
  • Go back to your desk.

5. Questions Ex.3c p.134

Study the table. Pay attention to the word order in Yes/no-questions, Or-questions and Wh-questions.

6. Ex.4a p.135 Write Or-questions about one of the most popular British writers Joanne Rowling.

7. Write more questions (Yes/no-questions and Wh-questions) about Joanne Rowling. You can write questions in the present, past or future and ask about her books, work, family, hobbies, plants, etc.

8. Send your questions (up to 15 but no less than 10) to the teacher.

9. Ex.1-4 p.86 – 89 WB.

See points a), b), c) ex.4a p.135


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