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6 Form 22.05.2020


1.  Watch the trailer.


Have you watched the film? Would you like to watch it? Why? Why not?


2. Answer the questions:

  • What is a film review? (if you don’t know the word, consult a dictionary or google, put it in your vocabulary).
  • Why do people write a film review?
  • Why do people read film reviews?
  • Where can you read a film review?
  • What information does a film review contain?


3. A film review. Ex.1a p.185 Why does Kate like the film?


4. Ex. 1b, c, d p. 186 Answer the questions.


5. Writing a film review

What does a film review consist of?

Study the plan in ex.1b p. 186. Check:


To practise phrases for the film review go:



6. Write a film review. Ex.3 p. 187. Choose the film you recommend your friends to watch. Use 1a p.185 as an example, follow the plan in ex.1b p. 186.

Send to your teacher or share with the group.


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