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6 Form 23.04.2020


1.  Ex.1a,b p.136-137. Match the writers to their books. Answer the questions orally.

2. Listening   Ex.2a p.137

  • First look through the table, pay attention to the words in bold, consult a dictionary or google if you don’t know some of the words, put the new words into your vocabulary (you can do ex.2b p. 138 first).


  • Listen to the text and fill in the missing information.


3. Ex. 2c p.138. Write the missing words. Send to the teacher as a private message to check (only number of the question and the word).

Moving exercise. Dance and sing along!


3. Make up a riddle about a writer (up to 5 facts) and share with the group chat for your groupmates to guess. You can write or record your riddles as voice messages. Guess each other’s riddles.

4. WorkBook Ex.1-2 p.89 – 90 WB.

Find information about your favourite writer. Choose your task:

  1. Write the writer’s biography (you can use ex.2a p.137 as an example), and sent it to your teacher.
  2. Speak about the writer, record as a voice message, and sent it to your teacher.


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