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7 Form 05.05.2020


1.  What ways of learning English do you know? Do you think these methods of studying English effective? What are 5 top ways to learn the English language?


2. Active Vocabulary

  • look through the active vocabulary, if necessary use Unit 9 ,p. 216
  • do ex.2b, p.175 matching the words with their meaning
  • do the quizlet and check your answers

3. Ex. 2c, p.176 Complete the questions with the words from the quizlet (Active Vocabulary)


4. Read the text of ex.2a, p. 173 about Nikita`s tips on how to get to the top in learning English. Which of the ideas you have already mentioned did he use?

Practise: Make up your own secret plan to improve English for students who are poor in it. Try to use active vocabulary and record your answer to your teacher.


5. Optional material : watch the grammmar  lesson about forming the adjectives with –ly, – less, -full     


Make up as many adjectives as possible using the table:


6. Do online test:

Link 1


Учебное пособие:



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