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7 Form 06.05.2020


1.  What do you think a great talent is? Read the poster and guess what the prodigy is? Would you like to be a prodigy?


2. Ex. 1 p. 177. Read the text about unusual abilities of the girl. Answer the questions:

  • How many languages can she speak?
  • Did Bell`s abilities impress you?  Why? Why not?
  • What other polyglots can you name?
  • Compare your abilities with the abilities of Bella Are there any differences?



3. Listen to the video lesson how to use can, could, able to… . Then study the examples of ex.1d, p.178.And then answer in a written form in your exercise book the following questions using ex.2b, p. 179 :

  • How well can you speak English?
  • At what age were you able to speak it?
  • What can you do in English now?
  • What could you do when you were six?


4. IN ex.4a,p.179 complete the chart with the personal information about your abilities in English. Try to answer the questions :

  • How has your abilities changed for last five years?
  • What do you expect to do in English in 5 years?


5. Practise:  Record your ideas for your teacher.


6. Optional tasks:

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