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7 Form 08.05.2020


1.  What is your English class associated with? Do you agree with the poster? Why? Why not?


2. Active Vocabulary.

A) Look through the active vocabulary, if necessary use Unit 9 ,p. 216

B) Do the quizlet:

C) Do the matching of the words in ex.5, p.186

D) Which rules of ex.5, p.186 do you follow? Which –don`t? Why?


3. Ex.2a, p.184 – make up a list of your classroom activities that are typical of your English lessons.


4. Ex. 2b, p. 184 – Complete the sentences about your English studying.


5. Ex.3a, p. 184 –study the rules how to be successful on the way of English. Then rewrite all the rules of ex.3a, p.184 into your copybooks using the modal verbs have to, must, can, should and their negatives.


6. Practise: Prepare a good record speech for your teacher with a list of really cool rules for your English classes which will help you make progress in the language.


7. Optional tasks:

A) Watch the video and say what methods you have already tried in your lessons with your teacher and which of them you`d like to try.


B) Watch the video and say what rules these schoolchildren should follow in their school.


Учебное пособие:


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