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7 Form 12.05.2020


1.  How often do you hear this question?

Who usually asks these questions?

What is the mood of the girl in the picture? Why?

How do you feel if you don`t have home tasks?


2. Revise active Vocabulary, p.187 and try to explain the words in the bold in the texts (1-5) relying on the context.


3. Read the situations 3-5 p.189-190

  • What do you usually answer your parents if you are not ready with your home tasks?
  • Dou you have any problems with your favourite subjects?
  • Who or what usually inspires you if you don`t want to do your homework?
  • Have you ever given your classmates to copy homework?
  • What excuse do you usually make up for your teacher if you are not ready for the lesson?


4. Complete the questions with the words of active vocabulary and answer them.


What do you think of the saying “don`t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”?


5. Practice:  Using ex.2c, p.190 get ready to speak about your preparations of homework. Speak about your difficulties and things you like most while doing different tasks.


6. Optional material:

Watch the video  where you can find a piece of advice how to do your home tasks fast.


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