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7 Form 13.05.2020


1.  Do you think you do your best to study English? What methods are good for you? Do you think English is necessary to study in your gymnasia?  What can happen in the future if you loose the opportunity to study English here in your gymnasia?


2. Ex.1a, p.192 – look at the photo of the exercise and judging by the headline “Their cave rescue” answer the questions:

  • Where are the boys?
  • In what country are they?
  • How do you think English help the boys?


Listen  to the news report and check your answers:


3. Ex.1c, p.192 – put the verbs in the brackets in the correct form. Then listen to the text once again and check your ideas.


4. Listen to another news report about Adult Samon, who was among these boys and answer the questions:

  • Is he a prodigy?
  • Why do you think so?


5. Listen again and do ex.2b, p.193


6. Make a word from the letters: R\Y\E\S\T\I\L\I\P\O\N\B\I\S\. This word is from the news report about Adul Samon. Think how this quality helped them.


7. Listen (3) to the teacher of several boys trapped in the cave.

  • How does he feel?


8. Then listen once again and write down six sentences with the word “English” from the teacher`s speech. Which ideas do you agree with? What do you think of the idea “English leads you from darkness to light”.


9. Practise: Using the ideas from the speech make a record for your teacher on the topic “It`s great if you can say a word in English”


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