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7 Form 14.05.2020


1.  Do you know that kids play different games in the camps? Let`s play station one.


2. Station 1 “Book or School? “ You see the words, distribute them into two columns with sound [u] book and sound [u:] school.


3. Station 2 “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. You should match the answers with the questions:

4. Station 3 “Charades” Make up as many sentences as you can (10-15) about yourself starting them with:

  • I was able to …
  • I used to …
  • I can …
  • I will be able to …

Write them down into your exercise book.


5. Station “Folk wisdom”

Try to explain in English the meaning of the following idioms. What do they mean? What do you think about it? Do you follow these idioms?

An early bird catches a worm.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.

Learning English is a piece of cake for my friend, but for me, it`s a hard nut to crack.

Do you remember any other idioms or proverbs in English?


6. Station 5. Movie time

Ex. 1, p.197 Watch the episode1 of Matilda and answer the question: Why did Matilda`s dad want to punish her?


Watch the episode again and complete the sentences of ex.2, p.197



7. Practise: What do you think of Matilda as personality? Do you like her? Why? Why not? Record a report about Matilda and send it to your teacher.


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